Construction Accident – $13.375 Million Settlement for Survivor of Fall From Roof of a Building due to the Defective Repair of a Scaffold

The NYC Personal Injury Lawyers at Antin, Ehrlich and Epstein obtained a settlement of $13,375,000 on behalf of a window washer who miraculously survived a fall from the roof of a 47 story building.  The negligent defendants were the owner of the building and the scaffolding company responsible.

The injured worker’s case was settled after the New York Personal Injury Law firm of Antin, Ehrlich & Epstein argued in court that the building owner and a scaffolding company were responsible for the fall which also resulted in the death of the worker’s brother. A New York Judge agreed with the plaintiff’s lawyers.

The court found the building owner and the scaffolding company liable for the 47-story plunge of the window-washing unit from the roof of the Upper East Side building when the cables supporting the scaffolding gave way.

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Construction Accidents and Violations of the Labor Law