Pedestrian Bystander Accident

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When a pedestrian is involved in a car, truck or motorcycle accident, he or she will almost always suffer a serious injury. While pedestrians are afforded the right of way, they are at the mercy of drivers of all vehicle types.

These injury cases can be intensely complex as a driver’s insurance company may try to blame the injured victim. Adjusters may attempt to collect statements to limit compensation.

Because of this, it is critical that pedestrians who are injured reach out to the strongest legal team available to obtain the compensation to which they are entitled.



Queens Bystander Accident Attorney

Because our legal team at Antin, Ehrlich & Epstein, LLP, has more than 75 years of combined personal injury experience, we have a deep appreciation for the extent of an injury a pedestrian can face when he or she is involved in a car accident.

In those decades of practice we have obtained tens of millions of dollars for clients. If you or a loved one has suffered a serious pedestrian injury, we strongly encourage you to reach out. Just because a pedestrian was not in a crosswalk, it does not necessarily mean he or she is at fault — pedestrians are always afforded the right of way. Before speaking with anyone, reach out to us.

An example of our success:

Motor Vehicle Accident — $5 Million Settlement For A Pedestrian Struck By A Commercial Van
The plaintiff, a pedestrian, was crossing the street within the crosswalk when she was struck by a commercial van making a left turn. The plaintiff suffered a traumatic brain injury, was confined to a New York City hospital for three weeks and spent more than a year in rehabilitation. The case was settled on the eve of trial for $5 million enabling the plaintiff to purchase a handicapped-equipped home where she lives comfortably and independently with her husband.

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