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Walking or Biking in New York City: Watch for Left Turning Drivers

NEW YORK. According to a recent NPR report, left turns are responsible for a quarter of all pedestrian accidents in the U.S. In New York City, where both pedestrians and drivers are competing for space at intersections, left turns are particularly dangerous. Left turns pose a unique hazard because both pedestrians and drivers have the [...]

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Flooding Personal Injury Risks

NEW YORK. Hurricane Harvey’s devastating floods have crippled Houston. Yet, with hurricane season upon us, it is important to understand that many people who live in coastal regions are at risk this late summer and autumn. Even a bad rainstorm can result in flooding. Flooding not only damages homes, limits transportation, and closes down cities, [...]

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Injured in a Protest? Are you Entitled to Personal Injury Compensation?

NEW YORK. The tragic events in Charlottesville that left one protestor dead have been widely reported. Many have criticized the president for his failure to quickly denounce the actions of white nationalists. Now, weeks later, ProPublica, reveals that it has found evidence documenting how white supremacists planned their rallies. According to ProPublica, individuals planning the [...]

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Could Tolling Drivers Who Enter New York City Prevent Pedestrian Injuries and Deaths?

NEW YORK. Across New York City cashless tolling systems have replaced traditional tollbooths staffed by toll collectors. According to the New York Times, nine former toll booths will undergo a shift to cashless tolling. The shift has raised the question about whether drivers should be tolled for entering congested areas of the city. With the [...]

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Minimally Conscious States After Brain Injury and the Rights of Patients and Family

NEW YORK. Brain injury can be among the most serious and devastating injuries a person can suffer. In the most serious cases, individuals may be unable to move or speak. Some individuals are diagnosed as being in a persistent vegetative state in which doctors believe that no consciousness is present. However, other patients might be [...]

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Will My Premiums Increase after a Car Accident That I Did Not Cause?

Most drivers know that if they cause an accident, their insurance premiums will increase. What you may not know, though, is that your premiums could also increase if you were not at fault for the crash. […]

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Do You Really Need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

This is a question everyone who’s been in an accident asks themselves. After all, it can be expensive to hire a lawyer, and you’ve probably lost time at work due to your injury. There are many uncertainties to deal with when negotiating the aftermath of a personal injury, and figuring out whether to hire an [...]

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Personal Injury Claim Advice

No one goes into a personal injury claim knowing exactly what to expect. It is a time of uncertainty for anyone who has had the misfortune of being injured through another party’s fault. Filing a personal injury claim involves navigating unfamiliar waters, and the end result determines whether or not you’ll receive the compensation you [...]

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New York Personal Injury by the Numbers

When you’re injured in an accident, it can feel like you’re alone in the world. You are suddenly faced with suffering and medical bills through no fault of your own, which can be isolating. This isn’t the case, though—thousands of people every year find themselves the victims of car accidents, medical errors, falls, and other [...]

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