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When Being at Work Makes You Sick

NEW YORK. According to the New York Times, approximately 45 percent of American workers don’t have paid sick leave. This has an impact on all of us. Individuals who are injured in a car accident who don’t have paid sick leave may suffer the double burden of paying medical expenses and also struggling to make [...]

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Auto Accident and Negligence

In the modern world, we witness a number of traffic collisions which take many precious lives. Auto accidents have become quite common now as compared to the older times. With the ever-increasing rate of automobiles on the road, the risk of an accident also increases to the optimum if the traffic rules are taken for [...]

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Lead Danger in Greenpoint Backyards—Are You at Risk?

NEW YORK. A study performed by Columbia University and reported on by the Gothamist found that there may be dangerous levels of lead in some Greenpoint backyards. Columbia graduate students took soil samples from Greenpoint backyards and found that 92 percent of backyards had levels of lead that exceeded the Environmental Protection Agency’s safe levels. [...]

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Walking Safety in New York City

NEW YORK. In New York City, one of the most popular ways to get around is by walking. New York is a pedestrian city. According to the New York State Department of Transportation and Health, there were 3,672 pedestrian accidents in New York in 2015. New York City government organizations are working to redesign city [...]

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Can I Sue if My Car Accident Leads to a Lost Job?

NEW YORK. In today’s tough job market, it can be hard enough to keep the job you have in New York City. According to the Balance, workers who are late, who take sick days, or who leave early may find themselves on the chopping block if the company has to lay off workers. During review [...]

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Fatal Charter Bus Accident Raises Questions About Driver Regulation

NEW YORK. Last month, the New York Times reported on a charter bus crash at an intersection in Flushing, Queens. The accident killed the driver, two other people, and left 16 people with injuries. Any accident is a terrible tragedy, but the charter bus accident has resulted in particularly strong outcry because it was later [...]

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Injured in a Gun Accident? What are Your Rights?

NEW YORK. After the deadly and tragic shooting in Las Vegas, many people across the country are asking how we can increase gun safety, stop guns from getting into the wrong hands, and make better gun control laws. According to the New York Times, gun laws in New York City are among some of the [...]

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Can I File a Claim if I Suffer Damages or Injuries Due to a New York City Pothole?

NEW YORK. So far, since December 2016, CBS News reports that the city has filled an estimated 120,000 potholes. Winter is the time when the greatest number of potholes form in city streets, but drivers, bikers, and pedestrians can encounter these potentially dangerous hazards year-round. For drivers, a pothole can result in a flat tire, [...]

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